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Lady Moon Lady Moon

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Something about that face reminds me of a very strict asian mother. Sounds weird and a little racist, but I gotta say it kind of frightens me. And the just. I don't know.

ieneien responds:

i never did guess anyone would be frightened by this; i was shooting for surreal. haha. thanks for the compliments. :D


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*Insert fangirl scream*

I love Berserk, and I love coming across the few fanart there is on it. Delicious.

What's Underneath? What's Underneath?

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This made me laugh for some reason. Though I think your placement of her vagina looks kind off.

I should know. :)

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brettamatowski responds:

I'm sure you do. ;)

Zoram "Hate" Zoram "Hate"

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Wow, at first I just thought it was a cool drawing, but looking at him more I find him incredibly hot for a...whatever he is.

Am I weird?


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